ready made holsters
Occasionally, but not often I have ready made, used or one of a kind holsters
to sell.
There will be a photo and description of the holster or item with a "BUY
NOW" button. once purchased the item will be sent immediately by Priority Mail.
This holster was a prototype for my It
is dark brown, right hand strong side
and unlined in near new condition.
It fits Kimber Micro / Sig 238 and
Colt Pocketlite

$35.00 + $7.00 Priority Mail shipping
Strong Side Single Loop holster for the
J-Frame snub nose revolver. Older model in
new condition, unlined.

$25.00 + $7.00 Priority Mail Shipping
This is the first prototype of my Texas Pancake
design which I did not change but for some stitching.
It is for a 4" or 4 1/4" Commander size 1911. It is a
left hand, leather lined strong side holster.

$40.00 + $7.00 Priority Mail Shipping
New flip holster for Kahr CW380 or P380
Black right hand draw.
$52.00+free shipping.
Black right hand draw.
$50.00 + free shipping