In the past all of my holsters were hand
saddle stitched by me which is a slow
process, plus with a little arthritis in my
hands getting a little painful. So I have
purchased a leather sewing machine which
will greatly improve the turn around time
from order placement to delivery. Making
very functional quality holsters has always
been my goal. I WILL NOT sell a holster
that doesn't meet my high standards. I will
still use only Hermann Oak U.S.A. Leather,
high quality oil dyes and the highest quality
raw materials I can find. I have been
practicing with the new machine, but until I
have completely mastered it I will continue
to hand stitch my holsters using waxed linen
All orders are shipped $7.25 Flat Rate 2-Day Priority Mail.
You will receive an e-mail from PayPal with a tracking number
when your postage is printed.
I will be updating the website and adding new holsters over the next
few months
This is Red Dog Gun leather not Red Dog Leather that sells on E-Bay! I
do not make cowboy rigs so don't call or e-mail looking for me to make one
for you.
Sorry, no returns on items that were shipped correctly unless there is a
defect or I shipped wrong item